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Responses to Survey Questions on Truth continued...


130811F L Hanford, CA

Truth to me is honesty, what another would say I don't know.

120421M JA California

Truth is the accepted account of an event/situation et al.  But there are different forms of truth; for example, factual and emotional truth.  Perception: Factual truth has the same value for everyone, but one can always draw different interpretations of the same fact.

120414M JF Upland CA

There are various types of truths. One is the accurate description of the world around us that is composed of a valid, testable and repeatable statement. e.g. the sky is blue. Science achieves true conclusions but they change based on new information as to their accuracy. Another version of truth involves verbal statements that follow rules of logic and clear thinking which are supported by evidence. The most controversial form of truth consists of social norms that are different between societies based on culture and amount of knowledge people have.

120403F HA California

Truth is Jesus and faith makes a statement true

120402F MH California

Truth is factual and backed up by verified facts and actions. Most people have preconceived ideas of what constitutes the truth, until they learn /or see what is really the truth, either good or bad, but is the truth never the less.

120402M CG California

The truth is a verified fact that can't be disputed. A statement is true when what is stated in the statement can be verified as indisputable facts.

110914F-Anon 1 (Anonymous) California

Truth is the truth

110914F-SA California

Truth in speech is when words correspond with the thought of the speaker.  Truth is a thing's ultimate essence.

110914F-Anon 2 California

What feels real and is substantiated, but that is somewhat subjective

110914F-A non 3 California

Truth is what your own experience is.

110914F-Anon 4 California

Truth is my decision on what I believe to be right or wrong.

110914M-Anon 5 California

Truth is a matter of perception.

110914F-Anon 6 California

Truth is our own personal subjective observation of a happening, incident, idea, feeling

110914F-SC California

It is what is and not what you want it to be.

110910M HS India

jeo aur jeene do. Truth is percepton

110914F-Anon 7 California

Facts, proof of something, evidence would indicate the truth of a situation.  Otherwise truth is a personal perception.

110823F-VP USA e

Truth is what is or is not.

110716F-CM California e

There are some things that are absolute truths. Truth is based on fact.

110716M-RM California e

Truth like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But there several types of truth, like scientific truth, plausible truth, truth that is mere opinion, etc.

110716F MJ California e

When the person making the statement understands that the statement contains no misperceptions or falsehoods. A statement is true when the person making the statement believes it is true.

110714F-anon California e

Truth is what correlates to reality and is the same for all people at all times. Truth by definition is narrow/exclusive - something that is the opposite (false) cannot be true.  A statement is true if it can be validated by facts, science, history, archeology, reason - law of non-contradiction.

110714M-RH California e

Truth = reality. A statement is true if is verifiable, or at least irrefutable.

110425M-TM Idaho e

The first thing that makes a true statement true is that it is provable in its environment. A true statement in a situation or with an individual may not be the truth to a different individual because of his or hers belief system. Therefore with that belief system and under those circumstances the true statement is the truth. Therefore truth is really a matter of perception and can be different things to different people.

110421F-CH Colorado e

If someone believes it's true, it's true. Truth and Fact are different.  Truth is a matter of perception.

110420M-HD Punjab, India e

If it is relating to the fact then it is not difficult to state whether it is true or false like two or two makes four. When it is not relating to the facts then it is off course a matter of perception depending upon the subjectivity.

110419F-SH California e

Truth is what is real. A statement is true if it properly reflects reality.

110326M-J The Philippines e

Something that you do that makes you feel no guilt.  Something inside tells you whether is it really true.  What is supported by facts.

110324F-AS Los Gatos CA e

I guess the social aspect or relationship aspect is what I look at.  It is telling the other person what they look like and not making up something to get away from consequences.  I'm out of answers.  A person takes ownership of what they say and speaks openly and honestly.

090523F-E Grass Valley, CA e

Are you implying that I am not being truthful? Just kidding. All I said was true and my definition is " If it happened and you describe it as seen in your eyes then you are telling the truth. " If someone else should see it differently, it is possible he might think you are being untruthful so I guess the real truth lies in the eyes of the beholder.

090329F-EG Sacramento, CA e

Truth is being honest with yourself and others, not compromising with your beliefs.

090102F-E Citrus Heights CA e

We each have our own truth, which could change according to our perceptions.

081218F-Sh California e

Substance and authenticity; open and honest with carefully chosen words.

081218F-Su Florence, OR e

TRUTH. The word of integrity. Not an EXACT science. . What time frame? Columbus? Salem witch hunts? Our truth today is dna. Yesterday they did a fourth face transplant. What is the patient's dna now? Truth is beauty. It is an Incredibly lovely thing. But, beauty is not truth. Define love? Awesome.

081114F-F Green Valley AZ e

Truth? It, in my thinking, is what one determines it to be.  To all peoples, I believe this to be true. 

081113F-L Hanford, CA e

Truth to me is honesty, what another would say I don't know.

081111F-T Sacramento, CA e

truth is truth no matter how you put it...i will however tell a white fib, to spare feeling

081111F-M Surprise, AZ e

don't understand your question regarding "truth", but I would say, what is real, accurate. Oh...you know what I mean.

081102F-D Fairfield, CA e

my definition of truth is speek from heart and do from heart

080629F-M Tucson, AZ e

I am not a philosopher but truth is first of all speaking what is on your mind without disguising your thoughts. In fact this is one of the bases of psychoanalytic treatment with free associations. Truth is also what can demonstrated scientifically. There is also another truth: the truth of a moment like confronting something truly beautiful or truly moving.

080612F-P Albuquerque, NM e

I think there are ultimate unchanging truths but most "truth" is based on culture and society's current views. So truth is absolute but truth is evolving. I would like to have you answer these same questions.

071230F-L Alamos, Mexico e

Truth.  Interesting question.  I hate being lied to about anything.  Truth is best.

071218F-J Manchester CT e

Truth to me means honesty

071114F-K Scottsdale AZ e

My definition of truth - To thine own self be true.  We all have our own personal truth.  Honesty is very important to me.

060414F-D Maple Valley, WA e

My definition of truth would be following the Ten Commandments.

060412F-M Port St. John, FL e

Definition of truth? Always tell it like it is (or at least the way I see it) and don't try to gloss it over.

060408F-V Vancouver, B.C., Canada e

truth?! WOW you threw that in to confuse me? I do think of this concept often....Honesty/truth...To tell it like it is for me at the moment. It is a very good question?

60406F-I Miramar, FL e

My definition of truth! is the quality of being loyal.

060405F-D Lakewood, CO e

I believe truth is not only what you know, but what you feel in your heart. We all have our own definition of truth which does not usually agree with another person's definition. That doesn't mean our idea of truth is wrong, just different.

0060404F-C Mesa, AZ e

There is no one truth. Everybody has their own ideas of truth -- that's about life, not about lying.

060330F-E Columbia, MO e

Truth could be an emotion I have. Truth can be facts or statistics. Truth can be an explanation for things we believe. Truth can be what another person tells you which they want you to believe. Lies, Honesty, truth are different beliefs by different people. Is truth concrete? Is non-truth a lie?

060320F-H Denver, CO e


060117F-B Cincinnati, OH e

Truth is honesty. Truth is trust. Truth is unconditional love. Truth can be a Faith to many. Without truth there is no real commitment to anything.

060104F-D Baltimore, MD e

Truth--I always say I tell the truth!!! I thought this would be easy to answer it is not, I keep confusing opinion to how I derive at the truth. I guess truth is what is inside of my heart -what I believe to be true.

051226F-S Todos Santos, Mexico e

Truth is actuallity.

051226F-J Canton, IL e

In some situations, that which exists. But I believe there are eternal truths, too. Sorting and understanding are often difficult, for me, anyhow. Many facets.

051129F-B Mesa, AZ e

My definition of truth? Hmmm--this takes more thought than the time I have at the moment. So will get back to this later.

051112F-D Salt Lake City, UT e

The definition of truth is difficult to define. So I'll tell you my personal truth: integrity, honesty, morality

051105F-L Fond du Lac, WI e

Accurate information regarding one's lifestyle and background in relation to the dissemination of information concerning that person is essential to me. This is truth. I don't like anything coming back to bite me in the butt. Some definitions of truth are simply avenues through which to be rude. I do not believe in offering crude or hurtful information in regard to questions being asked.

051104F-Y Waterbury, CT e

My definition of truth is honesty, fact and reality; yet, there?s no absolute truth. What can be true to me may not be to you. Our perceptions and opinions have much to do with it.

051104F-S Milford Ohio, OH e

The sages in all ages have asked this question. I remember Plato (not personally) asked this in his "Republic". I guess my best answer is whatever is real is truth.

981214F J.M. Boise ID

Reality is everything that can be proven.  Truth is one's own interpretation of reality based on one's perception and how he interprets it.  Our interpreting of reality is how we believed the world was when we were two or three years old.  Truth is relative.

980125M T.S. Todos Santos, Mexico

Truth is a matter of perception

981124M D.H. Boise ID

 truth relates to the real world.  What is real as opposed to what is not real.

981124M B.W. Boise ID

Truth depends on each person's perception

981012F  M.J. Boise ID

Truth is everything that is in reality

981011M  L.M. Boise ID

Truth is telling the truth.

981011F  M.R. Post Falls ID

Truth is Christ. Truth is reality and is immutable

981010F  A.V. Boise ID

Truth is both relative and absolute.  Life is as you are.

981008F  P.B. Boise ID

Truth is totally subjective

981007F  S.B. Boise ID

Truth is reporting of facts as accurately as possible, revealing what emotion you might be using to color them.  Also requires weighing sources.  Often this is affected by your own prejudices.

981006F J.A.  Boise ID

Truth is the articulation of one's interpretation of reality.

981006M  J.H. Boise ID

Truth is observed events.

981006F  R.T. Boise ID

Truth is being factual without embellishing

980929F  I.Y. Nampa ID

Philosophy should be taught in High school Truth is fact, opposite of false.  truth is truth, false is false

980929M P.T. Meridian ID

Truth is visceral feeling of right and wrong, truth and falsity.

980928M  G.M. Kuna ID

Truth is lack of deception.  It can depend on perception. 

980923M  L.W. Boise ID

I do not know what truth is.

980923M  P.H. Boise ID

Verbalization is not my strong suit, but I know hat it is when I see it.

980922M G.A. Boise ID

You find truth in your heart.  Absolute truth is not accessible to most humans.  To talk about truth you have to be humble.

980922M  C.S.  Boise ID

Truth is that which is real, absolute (has correct concept but can't articulate it).

980921M  D.S. Sandpoint ID

Truth is unswerving belief in doctrine.  Biblical background gives you truth.  It runs through course of everything else.

980918  R.W. Weiser ID

Truth is of itself a fact, words and deeds.  That which is honest

980915  P.B. Boise ID

Four different kinds of truth: empirical, spiritual, value and logical. Empirical truth is what is measurable.  Spiritual truth is what you believe.  Religious truth is relative. 

980913F  M.M. Boise ID

Truth is relative.

980913F  K.S. Boise ID

Truth is honesty in self and others.  Truth is relative.  Truth is the best thing to believe.

980913F  S.J. Boise ID

Truth depends on where you are in your life.  Truth is relative

980913F  G.P. Boise ID

Truth is God and each of us have a piece of it.   None of us has the whole truth.

980912M  A.S. Post Falls ID

Truth is ultimate, absolute.

980912M B.J. Boise ID

Truth is the correct perception of reality.

980912F  G.B. Boise ID

God is truth. Truth is God. Truth is in the eye of the beholder. The word has lost it's meaning.  Truth is what I believe is true.

980911M  T.A. Boise ID

Truth is what is self evident.

980908F K.B. Boise ID

Truth depends on the person.  People interpret the truth differently.

980908M  R. Boise ID

Truth is an issue of fairness.


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