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Investigative Research Services (IRS) is currently conducting a number of polls for Western Research Institute (WRI).  The polls are conducted in person, by email and by phone with the general public and certain applicable professional groups. 

The current poll being conducted with the general public asks the questions "What is truth?" and "What makes a statement true?" 

We have found in polling that, though these look like simple questions, in fact, they give respondents a great deal of trouble.  The main problem is communication.  We have found in our surveys that more than 90 percent of respondents cannot articulate a valid response.  In addition, different people use different, often conflicting terms, in describing how they perceive what truth is.  Further questioning is usually needed to determine people's true perception of what truth is. 

WRI is involved in a multi-year study of philosophic movements of the Twentieth Century that have impacted human behavior and public policy.  At the crux of the study is the nature of truth and people's changing perception of it.  To document how people perceive truth is the purpose of the above stated poll with the general public.

People's perception of truth is important because it is a subject that everybody has to deal with whether they realize it or not. Whether this is true and that is true or whether this is false and that is false is a subject everybody faces every day. The subtlety of it probably escapes most people. But there are those who will use it to manipulate public opinion and the opinion of individuals to their detriment.

Much of the information we are daily confronted with is false. We live in an age of deception, more so than any other time in history. In advertising, government pronouncements, in news reports, in the mass of information we are daily confronted with, there are things that are not true, not correct, in error, misleading. It takes a certain amount of insight to discern fact from fiction. Ultimately each person must decide for himself what is true and what is not.

Raising a person's awareness of what constitutes truth will help in discerning what is true and what is not.  To participate in the poll being conducted for WRI, go to irsonline.org.






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