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The Crusade for Truth

  False statements made for public consumption do considerable harm to the country and to individuals.

Anyone watching the current political debate in Washington cannot help but wonder about the conflicting statements being made by the opposing sides.  The statements currently being made by Republicans and Democrats contradict each other.  That means at least one of the statements about the same subject that contradict the other is false.  It also means the honesty and integrity of at least one of the parties making a statement is questionable.  This does not mean that one of the statements is true since both statements from both sides may be false, but if a statement from one side is true, then the contradictory statement from the other side is necessarily false.

Western Research Institute (WRI) has always since its founding been in a crusade for truth.  Its whole thrust on the emphasis on philosophy and the polling on truth has been in discerning the truth of any matter that is discernable.  WRI is thus an arbiter of truth and it has established rules and procedures for discernment. 

As part of its effort to hold public officials accountable, WRI has established standards for public and private discourse.  These standards have been formulated into Rules for Public Discourse and Precepts of Dialogue.  These standards should be abided by by individuals making public statements.  These Rules may be viewed on this website and may be copied and freely distributed so long as attribution is made to Rules for Public Discourse by Charles Hoppins.  Individual Rules may be used without attribution when citing a violation.


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