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Western Research Institute (WRI) was founded in January of 1987 to fund and promote investigations by multiple groups of individual researchers and writers. The main mission of WRI remains serving the public and the press with information that would otherwise not see the light of day.

WRI is currently compiling reports on a number of issues.  These include holding politicians, lawmakers and others accountable for what they say for public consumption and other topics.  Reports may be compiled by more than one person.  Most reports are published in a print edition and an ebook edition.  Research workers, writers and editors receive royalties in proportion to their contribution. 

WRI is a non-profit Idaho corporation serving the general public, private clients, the press and government.  The main purpose for which WRI was founded was and still is investigations and reporting.  The Institute is first of all a provider of facts.  Most of what the Institute does is centered around this mission.  Facts compiled are issued in the form of news stories, reports or books. 

Secondly, the Institute is an "Arbiter of Truth."  Much of the information we are daily confronted with is false.  The Institute is equipped to make philosophical determinations and pronouncements of false information, fabrications, false positions, fallacies, and flawed research.  The Institute is prepared to determine the truth of any matter that is determinable based on certain established principles, rules and procedures.  Using these principles, rules and certain investigative procedures, we (and anyone else for that matter) can make philosophical determinations of what is true and what is false about many things, and what to believe and not to believe about all things.  The Institute is thus an "Arbiter of Truth."

Thirdly the Institute is a Publisher of the "The Way Things Are."  As stated above, there are principles, rules and procedures for determining the truth of any matter that is determinable.  These principles, rules and procedures are an integral part of traditional basic philosophy, though their application is often ignored in today's world.*  One of the objectives of the Institute is to bring into sharp focus these principles, rules and procedures.  They are the subject matter of a series of treatises on philosophy compiled under the auspices of WRI.  The series is entitled "The Way Things Are."  The Institute is thus in all ways a "Publisher of The Way Things Are."  More about the series is at The Way Things Are

In addition to compiling and publishing reports and books, WRI is involved in the the collection and dissemination of news and opinion with special emphasis on the law, the courts and the legal profession.  WRI is an independent non-partisan reporter of facts. It has no agenda except freedom of information and holding public officials and others accountable for what they say for public consumption.

WRI has compiled and published a number of reports and books on various subjects including law, government, technology, philosophy and communication. 

Its main mission remains serving the public and the press with information that would otherwise not see the light of day.  Only a tiny fraction of the events in this country and around the world are ever reported on.  Very little of what goes on in the myriad of government agencies in this country ever reaches the public eye. 

Western Research was incorporated in January of 1987 and has been in continuous existence since then.  This can be verified by clicking on the business entities section of the Idaho Secretary of State.

* Basic philosophy is distinct from the analytic philosophy taught in most of today's universities, a tenet of which denies there is such a thing as a "basic philosophy."

Western Research Institute, Inc., is a non-profit Idaho corporation.  Telephone number is (213) 270-3649.  Email address is westernresearch@earthlink.net.  Current executive director is Charles Hoppins. 




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