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Western Research is collecting information on current developments and doing polls on the prevalence of a number of philosophical traditions including Analytic, Continental, Scholastic and Philosophia Perennis as well as systems and positions advocated by certain prominent individuals.  One of the objects of the research is to classify positions held in common and in opposition.

Some results of the studies will be published on this web site and all the results will be published in a series of books by  multiple authors having to do with reality, truth, communication, science, research, education,  religion, morality and self development.  The first six books are set in fresh cement.  The remaining books are not set in concrete.  The series is entitled The Way Things Are.  The titles of the first 12 books in the series are:


BOOK ONE:  The Basic Precepts of Reality and Common Sense

The Book That Set The Standard for WRI Reports

Why Philosophy is Important

(Book One was first published in 1998)


   BOOK TWO:  Ten Precepts of Dialogue


The Tools of Constructive Discourse          


   BOOK THREE:  Reconciling Disparate

Philosophical Systems        

The Results of a 10-Year Study and Polls        

The 10 Most Important Philosophers of the 20th Century        


   BOOK FOUR:  Philosophia Perennis

Is There A Basic Philosophy?        

Contra Russell and Wittgenstein         


    BOOK FIVE:  Ontology, Evolution and


How It All Began

   What Is wrong with the creationism argument


   BOOK SIX:  Self Empowerment

    A Critique of Books and Belief Systems

    What's True, What's False and What Works


   BOOK SEVEN:  In Search of Reality 

Absolute Principles          

The Foundation of All Knowledge            


   BOOK EIGHT:  In Search of Truth

     What truth is and what makes a thing true

    More than 95 percent of adults canít articulate it


   BOOK NINE:  The Defamation of Truth

Dance of the Spin Doctors  

       How false information has harmed society and our lives


   BOOK TEN:  Tools of Deception

 How people in power fool you     

The Fallacies, Guides to Discernment       


   BOOK ELEVEN:  A Laymanís Guide to


The Foundation of All Disciplines


   BOOK TWELVE:  The Basic Principles

of Morality and Ethics

Why There Needs To Be A Standard



Books Three, Five and Six are still in the research and compilation stage and their publication has been delayed.  We accept contributions to this series and you need not be a Ph.D for your contribution or manuscript to be accepted and published.  We especially solicit contributions to or criticisms of books already published as we are continually revising content and collecting data for subsequent editions.




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