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Rules for Public Discourse

  The2012 election campaigns for president, senators and congressmen were some of the most down and dirty (and probably deceptive) in recent memory.  Supported by super PACs and non-profits, many candidates and their supporters stepped outside the bounds of honesty and integrity to gain election to public office.  To hold members of Congress accountable, WRI has compiled and published Rules for Public Discourse.  These Rules are based on logic and common sense for what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in public discourse.

By following these Rules, ordinary citizens can hold lawmakers and candidates accountable for false statements, misrepresentations, unsubstantiated claims and fallacious arguments.  They may do this by notifying WRI and/or local and national radio and television stations and newspapers of violations.  In addition there are many venues on which to post violations on the Web.

The actual Rules for Public Discourse may be read on this Web site by going to Rules.  Compiling violations of the Rules is a work in progress and a chronological listing of violations may be viewed at Violations





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