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Research writers contributing material for reports receive royalties in proportion to their contribution.  Determining the amount of each contribution and the distribution of royalties is an Editorial Board.  Members of the current Edtorial Board are:


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Western Research Institute (WRI) was founded in January of 1987 to fund and promote investigations by multiple groups of individual researchers and writers. The main mission of WRI remains serving the public and the press with information that would otherwise not see the light of day.

WRI is currently compiling reports on a number of issues.  These include reporting on the dishonesty and corruption of lawmakers and candidates for public office and other topics.  Reports may be compiled by more than one person.  Most reports are published in a print edition and an ebook edition.  Research workers, writers and editors receive royalties in proportion to their contribution.  An editorial board is responsible for accounting of all monies received which accounting is provided to the membership of WRI and to those contributing to reports and books.

In the 112th session of the U.S. Congress which ended December 31, 2012, lawmakers were dysfunctional when it came to raising the debt limit, passing a budget and avoiding the so-called fiscal cliff.  Lawmakers have not been able to resolve the mounting fiscal crisis facing the country.  The disgraceful conduct of the Congress has threatened and continues to threaten the economic stability of the country.

The year 2012 saw, after a bitterly fought primary campaign, the nomination of Mitt Romney as the Republican candidate for the U.S. Presidency .  And it saw, after an equally bitterly fought presidential race, the re-election of Barack Obama as president.

Many of the 2012 congressional races were also bitterly fought.  Many candidates for public office and members of Congress were dishonest in a lot of what they said and in misrepresentations that they made.  The dishonesty and lack of integrity is endemic in the way politics is played out in the current U.S. political process.  Not only is dishonesty and corruption rampant in the U.S. political process, but it pervades many areas of government.

A report that addresses these issues is Rules for Public Discourse, which is reviewed below.

Among books and reports currently being compiled are books on How America Can Stop Importing Foreign Oil,  The Fight Over Using Natural Gas for Transportation, The Norquist Pledge, Mad Cops and the Catholic Church and child abuse. 




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Much of the information we are daily confronted with is false.  There are many pundits, bloggers, politicians, columnists, institutions, and news organizations that seek to present things the way they are regardless of consequences..  These people and organizations have integrity. 

 On the other hand there are many pundits, bloggers, columnists, institutions and some politicians and news organization that promulgate false information, misrepresent things, use polarizing language and seek to confuse people about the facts of any given matter.  These people and organizations do not have integrity.

It is one of the missions of Western Research Institute to identify and publish which is which.  Rules for Public Discourse is one of the means used to accomplish this.  Information about this project and about the book is at RFPD.

The Rules for Public Discourse are listed on this Web site at Rules.  These rules can hold lawmakers, candidates for public office and others accountable for what they say.  They can reign in the rhetoric and expose dishonesty in what members of Congress and candidates for public office say for public consumption.



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